Ruby/Maria Consing
Edward/Ted Boyack
Ernie Bourgon

I Will List All The NRS Code Violations The Board Chose To Ignore
With Links To The Exact Pages In The CC And Rs And Other Documents
I Will Include Pictures, List Who Signed And Changed Documents
The Time Line Clearly Shows It Was Done To Protect Themselves
  These Are Just A Few Of The Pefectly Legal Things I Can Put On My Websites
My Youtube Channels, Social Media Sites And Of Course Message Boards And Reddit
I Already Worked Up A Few Drafts If I Deem That Necessary
I Have The Complete List Of HOA Documents I Have The Right To Request
Also How Many Days You Have To Provide Me With Them Before The Fine
I Have Documented The Corruption In This Wannabe Government
The Minutes Are Off The Website But I Have Them All
Is That Hints Of Collusion On Soliel's Part One Could Now Speculate
Since Everything I Say Will Be The Truth It Isn't Slander
It Won't Appear On This Site For You To Find And Read
A Link Will Be Send To Homeowners On The List I Acquired
The Other Plans I Have Won't Be Internet Related
I Would Prefer To Have My Lien Removed And Do Nothing
I Told You That In November Meeting But You Clearly Ignored Me
It Is Best For All Parties Involved To Resolve This Quickly
I Don't Care What Others Do As I Said In Novembers Meeting
Do You Actually Want Me To Come To Every Meeting
I Surely Have All The Free Time And Will Have Lots To Say
I Don't Think You Want Me Talking To The Neighbors
I Can Easily Walk The Complex, Knock On Some Doors And Chat

Just Remember You Have Already Done All You Can Do To Me
I, On The Other Hand, Haven't Even Gotten Started Yet
We Are Neighbors So Maybe We Can Act Like It, Your Choice
I Prefer The Pleasant Path But Push Me And I Obviously Push Back
Do The Smart Thing And Just Call Me @702-546-6226
Or Use The Email Address Below If You Prefer That