It Is Simply This: I Have Had Quite A Few Server/Router/Computer/Internet Service Problem Well Out Of My Control. Add To That Php Script Errors And Failures And Now Another Web Hosting Change And Of Course Life In General. So The Deal Is This: I Have Worked A Few Of The Bugs Out And Have Quadrupled My Playlist To 4200 Or So.
I Replaced My Router And May Replace Server Pc As Well. I Think The Biggest Hurdle Will Be Page Layout. I Used To Be All Into Html But Got Lazy/Busy/Uninterested But With This New Host I Think Maybe I'll Code A Bit And Shake The Cobwebs Off.
I Dont Use Software And Code By Hand So It's Slow And Not All Php Nuke Cool Or Even Word Press Easy So It Will Prob End Up Lame In Comparison To All The Cool Sites Out There But It Will Be Mine. Hope It's Worth The Wait. For The Music I Mean, Not The Lame Website. While You Are Waiting Go To My DJ Chetter Mix Page And Grab A Mix Or Two. They Are Free Or You Can Hear My Podcasts . Another Option Is Poke Around My Files And Music Collection Or Look At My Webcam To See Things I Am Doing Besides Fixing This Site... DJ Chetter.

The Request Page - The Recently Played Page - The Playlist/Download Page

It's Back Up And Running "Mostly" So Hit Play
Or Here Is A Pop Out Player If You Prefer That

Added This To Sample My Podcasts Just In Case You're Curious Kitten !!!